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Elementary School

On Friday, April 18th, kindergarten classes celebrated Easter with refreshments and an egg hunt. Pictured is Mrs. Angie Smith's kindergarten class wearing their bunny eyes after their egg hunt.


WCES Prepares to Shine as the CRCT Approaches


Written by Ms. Peak’s 4th Grade Gifted and Enrichment Class


The CRCT, Criterion Reference Competency Test, is the biggest test of the year for WCES students. Every student needs to do their best. Ms. Peak’s fourth grade gifted and enrichment class has a few tips for you. Read what we have to say to help you pass the CRCT.


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Different Habitats Around The World

Mrs. Murray's second grade students have been learning about different habitats around the world. Students read nonfiction books and studied various news articles to learn more about habitats. At the end of the unit, students were asked to bring in their own habitat diorama. Students could choose from a pond, desert, forest, rain forest, salt water, or the Arctic.

Measurement and Data


Students in Mrs. Calhoun’s fifth grade math classes have been sharpening their measurement skills by measuring their pencils to the nearest 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 of an inch.  Students then worked in groups to create a line plot with their data.  They also learned about mean, median, and mode while completing this fun math activity.

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D.A.R.E. was great and Thursday, March 20 was our last day.  It has been teaching us things about how to take responsibility for our actions such as saying NO to drugs and many different things about controlling our attitude.  Our D.A.R.E. graduation will be the same day as our 5th grade graduation.  We love D.A.R.E., and it has taught us a lot of things we can use in life.  Thanks to Officer Yawn for making D.A.R.E. exciting.

By – Jamiya Bryant

5th grade student


    March has been a busy month already for Ms. Towns' fourth grade math students. The fourth grade students are currently working on measurement. The measurement unit incorporates multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction of fractions. The students have to use their prior knowledge of the skills previously taught from the beginning of the year. This is a big unit full of awesome opportunities for the students to complete hands on tasks and make connections to real-world application. The students have converted measurement units from the metric and customary systems, measured objects with rubrics and scales, solved perimeter and area of a square and a rectangle, interpreted and represented data on dot plot graphs, and manipulated different amounts of money and time.  They will begin measuring angles and geometry in the upcoming weeks.

     The students have a better understanding of the math skills that construction workers, loggers, nurses, bankers, farmers, and business owners have to acquire in order to be successful. The students know that math is an essential skill for every job opportunity in Wheeler County.

A Reading Wonderland

During the months of January and February, the students found a great way to read away their winter blues.  The WCES media center transformed into a reading wonderland, and the students settled into cozy reading habits.  All of the students got their mitts and found a good book in the media center.  Each reading winner received a poster of their choice.  Our reading winners were:

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If I Were President ....

Mrs. Melton’s kindergarten class enjoyed learning about American symbols and Presidents. In celebration of President’s Day, students dressed up as George Washington.   Based on accomplishments made by each President during his time in office, students wrote on the topic, “If I were President!”   

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Awesome Adjectives
Mrs. Jones' first grade class has been learning about adjectives or describing words.  The students have completed a variety of activities to help them remember what an adjective is.  One of these activities included drawing a picture of themselves and using as many adjectives as they could to describe what they look like, their personality, and any other unique characteristics.  After getting all of their adjectives written down, they had to pick a few adjectives to develop complete sentences with.  Mrs. Jones is very proud of how hard her students have been working!

Pre-K Celebration

Pre-K celebrated the 100th AND the 101st day of school! They graphed which they would rather eat 100 hamburgers or 100 M&M’s.  The M&M’s won.  They read many books about the 100th day of school.  Pre-K teachers even brought in special cupcakes/cake for the class. They exercised for 100 seconds and boy did that tire some of them out.  On the 101st day of school, they all dressed up as Dalmatian puppies.  The students ate doggy treats for a snack (graham crackers) and measured how far their 101 footsteps would take them in the school.  It was a lot of fun learning measurement!

WCES Celebrated the 100th Day of School

WCES students experienced a day filled with fun and educational activities that celebrated the 100th day of school on Monday, Jan. 27th. Teachers took the opportunity to use the number 100 in many creative and educational projects that day.  Activities varied widely from classroom to classroom.  The celebration revolved around numbers, specifically the number 100, as the students celebrated the 100th day they’ve been in school.

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In order for Valentine’s Day deliveries not to interfere with classroom instruction, there are a few things parents need to know.


  • We strive incredibly hard to protect instructional time EVERY day. Valentine’s Day is no different.  It is a regular instructional day. Your child is participating in valuable learning until 2:50. Please do not pick your child up early unless it is an emergency or an appointment is necessary.
  • All deliveries will be kept out of sight and not delivered until 2:45.  Because of the enormous quantity of deliveries and time constraints, a child leaving early will have to return at 3:15 in order to receive their delivery.
  • No deliveries can be accepted after 1:00. 
  • All items are subject to search and must be checked in through the outside entrance of the media center, not the office.

  • Because we will have to hire a substitute to handle all of the deliveries, each delivered item will be assessed a $1.00 delivery fee.  Florists and other businesses are notified of this. This includes parents or friends who bring items to the media center for delivery.

For safety reasons, glass items or balloons will not be allowed on any Wheeler County School bus.

Monday, January 27, 2014

100th Day Activities include:

  • A number will be drawn every 100th minute of the day (9:50, 11:30, 1:10, & 2:50).  Winners will receive a prize from the media center.

  • Candy guessing:  Whenever students check out a book, they will decide which jar has 100 pieces of candy in it.  They will write their choice down and place it in a basket.  At the end of the day, a winner will be drawn.

  • Lucky books:  If a student picks a lucky book off the bookshelf, they will win a prize.  There will be a total of 10 lucky books in the media center.

  • Small treat for the 100th student in the breakfast line.
  • Certificates for students with 100 days of perfect attendance.

  • Internet Scavenger Hunt:  2nd-5th grades only.  There will be a total of 10 questions to answer.  The students will be able to get the questions when they check out a book.  All completed forms need to be turned in by 2:00 to the media center.  One winner will be drawn and announced at the end of the day.

  • Design a t-shirt with 100 things on it.  One overall winner will be selected.

During the months of October and November,WCES students swarmed around the media center to find something to read.  "Everybuggy" wanted to win the reading contest in order to win a free book from the book fair.  The reading bug winners were:
Kindergarten: Talia Jackson, Johnathon Hill, Ryan Bloodworth, & Lane Connell
1st grade:  K'Dence Mackey, Brenton Hooks, Kolt Bell, & Maryee Grace Selph
2nd grade: Alex Arias, Zyhon Wadley, Sophee Pickle, & Kaleb Wright
3rd grade: Marlee Veal, Jadrien Adams, Tylon Gorham, Hunter Seabolt, & Dustin Williams
4th grade: Dakota Sampson, Brianna Sturgis, Bailey Davis, & Luke Smith
5th grade:  Jaci Hill, Joseph Clark, & Adam Cravey
Remember:  Don't be a slug.....READ.  Catch the reading bug.

Tally Charts

Ms. Wilcher's first grade class have been learning about different types of graphs and charts. The students have been able to complete several learning activities in order to master this skill. The students' favorite learning activity was being able to create their own tally charts with one of their classmates. The students came up with their own topic, such as Favorite Food, and choices, such as pizza, chicken, and hot dogs. The students then polled their classmates to see what their favorite was, and then they recorded the results on their tally chart. Ms. Wilcher is very proud of her students for working hard and doing a great job on their very own tally charts!

Supper with Santa

WCES celebrated the season with an evening filled with Christmas spirit!  As families entered the school, they were awed at the beautiful lights and décor.  WCES staff decorated the halls with their favorite Christmas books which were The Sparkle Box, The Polar Express, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The Nativity Story, Silver Packages, Snowmen, & Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  As the families made their way to the lunchroom, they were greeted by FBLA elves who took their tickets.  The elves scurried along to get their delicious pancakes and sausage.  With a full stomach, the families headed to the North Pole to see Santa.  As the children waited in line, Santa listened to each one of the children’s wishes.  After receiving a candy cane, the children looked through hundreds of wonderful books at the book fair.  Then it was off to the house to get snug in their beds for a new day of school.

Food Drive
During the month of November, Wheeler County Elementary School joined the Wheeler County Girl Scouts to take part in a canned food drive.  The canned foods were collected to be donated to less fortunate families in the community.  Pre-K participated in this community project.  A special thanks to Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Jones' pre-k class.

During the Thanksgiving season, Ms. Derriso and Mrs. Smith's kindergarten class participated in many Thanksgiving activities. They enjoyed reading many stories about turkeys.  After reading their favorite book, the students chose their favorite book and wrote an opinion about it.  They also wrote about things they were thankful for by making a class list. To conclude their study of Thanksgiving, the students dressed up like Indians and pilgrims and made "Perky Turkeys" to eat for a snack. Before making their snack, they had to write the steps to tell how they made their turkeys.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Book Fair

When:  December 2 - 6, 2013

Time:  7:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Where:  WCES Media Center

Pancake Supper:  Child $2, Adult $3

Pictures with Santa:  1 for $3 or 2 for $5

When:  December 5th

Time:  5:30 - 7:00 PM

Where:  WCES

Veteran's Day

On November 11th ,Veteran’s Day is celebrated each year with people from all around the world.  Veteran’s Day marks the day as the end of World War I.  It is also a time to remember those who have served in our armed forces. To mark this day, students in Ms. Peak and Mrs. Graham’s power block classes wrote Christmas cards to soldiers across the country. The Christmas cards will be delivered by the Red Cross to soldiers who need a bit of cheer around the holidays. Students also participated in a webquest which taught them about the importance of honoring soldiers who have fought to protect our freedom and the history of Veterans’ Day.

Fourth grade students were also fortunate enough to listen to a guest speaker, Mr. Eddie George of Dublin. Mr. George served for twenty-two years in the US Army. He fought in Vietnam and Desert Storm. Mr. George spoke to the students about life in the military, the importance of getting a good education, and answered student questions. The fourth grade and WCES appreciate Mr. George for his service to our country.

WCES Fall Festival

On November 7th, WCES held their annual Fall Festival. This year was a huge success.  The teachers and support staff worked very hard to organize this event for our community and our students. The festival had more than 20 booths with a wide variety of games for all ages. The staff at WCES would like to thank the community for making this a fun, safe event for all of us.

Fall Festival 2013

When: November 7th  

Time: 6 – 8 pm

Place: Wheeler County Elementary School Gym



     The WCES Fall Festival Committee, Wheeler County Elementary School staff, and students want to invite you to come out and make their 2013 Fall Festival a successful event for the students and the community. It is through your community commitment and generosity, that this school fundraiser will be a complete success. We look forward to seeing you!!

     **Please feel free to donate a homemade cake for the cake walk. Please deliver it to the school the morning of the fall festival.

     Thank you for your community spirit, commitment and extraordinary efforts in this event. It is truly appreciated! Contact us if you have further questions or concerns at (912) 568 – 7159.  

October 28th – November 1st

Monday:  Neon Day (Wear neon colors)

Tuesday:  Camo Day (Wear camouflage)

Wednesday:  Hat Day (Wear your favorite hat)

Thursday:  Class Colors (Wear homecoming t-shirts or the following colors:  PK & 2nd – Ash Gray, K & 3rd – Charcoal Grey, 1st & 4th - Red, & 5th - Black)

Friday:  Spirit Day (Wear red & black)

Bus Safety
On September 26, WCES students participated in a mandatory Bus Safety Curriculum. The Bus Safety program is designed to make students aware of the rules and behavior necessary to keep them safe on the bus.  The program also teaches students what to do in the case of an emergency while on the bus. The Department of Education requires that ALL students enrolled participate in this program. A make-up day for students that were absent or newly enrolled is set for later this month. We will also have another class later in the year for students who enroll late in the school year. Coach Burdette led the presentation with the help of the activities teachers at WCES and Mr. Tarpley.

The Important Role of Government
In Social Studies, Mrs. Miller’s third grade students are currently learning about government. Students are  learning about the important role that government plays in our community, state, and country. Areas of focus are the three levels and branches of government, and how the Constitution influences the operation of government at every level. Students are also learning a variety of ways in which they may take an active role in government.

Mrs. Debbie Fountain, Alamo's mayor, visited with third grade students on October 15th. The mayor eagerly shared important information about her job responsibilities and how the local government benefits our community.

We're Wild about Reading “We’re Wild about Reading” was the first WCES reading theme this school year which promoted the love of reading.  All of the students caught the buzz and got involved reading all different types of genres from the media center.  They went wild trying new reading experiences.  Each reading winner received a variety of safari treats and a bookmark.

Our reading winners were:

Kindergarten:  Gracie Melton, Lillian VanHouten, Brayden Horne, and Johnathon Hill

1st grade:  Lindsey Vinson, Maryee Grace Selph, Kolt Bell, and Brenton Hooks

2nd grade:  Molly Bridges, Daylan Purvis, Alex Arias, and Tyler Carr

3rd grade:  Tegan Rigdon, Hunter Seabolt, Marlee Veal, and Jadrien Adams

4th grade:  Glesias Oliver, Kennadi McRae, Billy Chapman, and Ethan Cree

5th grade:  Adam Cravey, Tanner Cone, Jaci Hill, and Tess Vann

Statewide Winners at WCES Students at Wheeler County Elementary School recently participated in a statewide poster contest.  The contest promoted National Fire Prevention Week, which was October 6 – 12, 2013.  The following students will attend a luncheon in their honor in Forsyth on October 28, 2013:


  • Brittany Martinez – 1st place statewide winner for kindergarten
  • Kolt Bell – 1st place statewide winner for 1st grade
  • Molly Bridges – 1st place statewide winner for 2nd grade
  • Kolt Caldwell – Winner in calendar contest for 3rd grade.  His work will be featured for the month of May in a calendar to be distributed statewide.

Congratulations to these students and thanks to all that participated.


Article by Kim Rosier

Johnny Appleseed Day In honor of Johnny Appleseed Day, Mrs. Poole's students learned all about apples and the legend of Johnny Appleseed. They discussed many ways to prepare apples for a snack, and they talked about the seasons of the apple tree. The students had the opportunity to try a Red, Granny Smith, and Golden Delicious Apple and make a chart on their favorite type of apple. They made crock-pot apple sauce with sugar, cinnamon candies, and apples. Each student helped to mix the ingredients and mash the apples for the apple sauce.
WCES First Graders Participate in Safety Day


Wheeler County Elementary School first graders had the opportunity to participate in Safety Day on September 25th.  The Safety Day activities were designed to educate the first graders on the various career opportunities associated with law enforcement, public safety, and security services.  Members from the Alamo Rescue services, Wheeler County (Heartland) EMS services, Alamo Fire Department, Alamo Police Department, and Wheeler County Sherriff’s office were present to talk with students.  Students learned about the various types of services provided by these departments and learned about the duties and responsibilities of each.  Students were also advised of the types of training and educational level required to work in each career.  WCES would like to extend a special thanks to the men and women who provided this service to our students.

WCES Curriculum Night Experiment with Dr. Chris Jones

Wheeler County Elementary School held its annual Curriculum Night on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. The event was well attended by families, students, and members of the community. Curriculum Night is designed to encourage and promote learning between students and parents and to provide parents and families with resources that can be used at home to help their children learn. The activities offered a great opportunity for families to interact with teachers in their child’s learning environment. The activities varied among each grade level and focused on Math, Science, and Reading.

Special guests at this year’s Curriculum Night included Kristy Bennett, Santina Fryer, and Dr. Chris Jones.   Kristy Bennett is from the Tri-County Family Connection Collaborative which provides support to the community and schools in Wheeler, Montgomery and Treutlen counties. She was responsible for the back to school bash and resource fair held at the beginning of this school year. Ms. Santina Fryer is the owner and operator of Ladder to Success, LLC. Ms. Fryer will be conducting two Parent University Workshops in the near future for Wheeler County families. Dr. Chris Jones from Brewton Parker College performed several science experiments for the students and families. The students and families were excited to meet Dr. Jones and learn some new facts about science.

WCES staff would like to extend a special thanks to the PTO for providing an afternoon meal for them. Mrs. Hightower would like to thank our teachers, staff, students, parents and other guests for helping to make Curriculum Night a great success.

Fire Safety Art Contest at WCES

The National Fire Protection Association is holding a poster/calendar contest.  The purpose of the contest is to teach children about fire safety.  Students in grades K-5 have been creating posters to send in to the contest.  National Fire Prevention Week will be October 6-12, 2013.  Good luck to all participants.

 Pictured:  Brayden Murray and Molly Bridges

WCES New Playground Equipment

The new playground equipment at Wheeler County Elementary School is really cool!  There are two sets of swings, a clubhouse, a slide, and monkey bars.  There is hardly ever an empty swing, and the clubhouse is always full of students.  The teachers really enjoy watching the students play and get their energy out.  It seems like everyone on the playground has a smile on their face.

Wheeler County Elementary School would like to thank the PTO for their hard work and the cookie dough fund raiser that they sponsored.  Come by and check out our new playground equipment!

Written by Kade Bell

Interactive Notebooks in Mrs. Harper's Room

Interactive notebooks are composition notebooks Mrs. Harper’s students write in daily during reading and ELA.  Each student personalized the front and back covers of his or her notebook with pictures cut out from magazines.  The students can write, cut and paste, and color in their notebooks.  Each notebook has a reading and an ELA section.  In the reading section, the students have over twenty pages completed!  The students have been answering questions about their class novel, Steal Away Home, recently in their notebooks.

Jaci Hill, a fifth grade student, states, “I like when Mrs. Harper shows PowerPoints on the SMART Board to teach us skills or vocabulary words, and we get to copy from the PowerPoint into our notebooks.  I love interactive notebooks!  I think all teachers should try them!”

A Bad Case of Stripes
Mrs. Joyce’s second grade class has been studying strong characters. The students read A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.  One of their favorite characters was Camilla Cream. They examined the challenges Camilla faced in the story which is an important 2nd grade standard. The students displayed their understanding of the standard by creating a poster that described the challenges and how Camilla responded to them.

The Importance of Reading


    Mrs. Bridges’ kindergarten class is off to a GREAT start!  The kindergarten students were able to take a library book home for the first time after visiting the WCES media center.  They were eager to begin reading.

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The First Day of School

After such a relaxing summer, the students of WCES returned to school Monday, August 12th.  Wheeler County staff was out bright and early to keep students safe by reminding drivers to slow down in school zones. The attendance was robust, with most school buses and cars full as they rumbled down the entrance that had been decorated with welcome signs.  The students were thrilled to reconnect with their friends and excited for the prospect of learning new standards.  As the first day of school ended, the students were already becoming familiar with their routines and eager to return.  WCES holds high expectations for making this school year successful.  As Mrs. Hightower would say, “Let’s make it a great one!”

First Lady, Sandra Deal Visits WCES

"Let's Make a Deal!"  Pre-K and Kindergarten students had a special guest who encouraged each of them to Read, Read, Read!

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